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Copenhagen was Repacking this October!

This month, we've been to Copenhagen for eTail Nordic and, we won!
eTail brings together hundreds of stakeholders of the Nordic retail industry and the biggest players in e-commerce every year to discuss the future of retail. Neat. 

Repack is the latest winner of eTail Copenhagen Dragon's Den 2019!
This years’ agenda was just calling us :  "Find The Next Big Start Up"




The attendees were asked one question:


“Of the many new technologies now entering the digital space, which are the best ones to invest in to achieve a seamless retail experience that exceeds customer expectations?”



Christof demonstrated Repack innovative solution, the reusable packaging – and won: The 400 attendees of the conference chose Repack as the Next Big Start Up, that offers the best technology!

Congrats to the other startups on the panel, Haider Abdo and Returnado, Jesper Deleuran from Touchize and Deniz Chaban, CEO & Co-founder of Touchtech (3 Swedish startups!). It's been a pleasure guys. 

Christof after *Live voting*



We're really happy to bring the award home.

Great event, people, innovation. Thanks Copenhagen it's been a pleasure!

På gensyn!