RePack online booth at SXSW online 2021

RePack is lucky enough to have an online booth in the Creative Industries Exhibition, along with other innovative companies from around the world.

What do Stacy Abrams, Willie Nelson, and RePack have in common? All three will be featured at South by Southwest, which is streaming entirely online to be enjoyed from the comfort of our own homes, or really the venue of our choosing--think couch, sauna, a dark closet where your kids won’t find you? Call it what you want, but online events certainly are convenient.

South by Southwest, or SXSW, is a five day music and film festival, conference, and exhibition all in one that takes place annually in Austin, Texas. While last year’s event was cancelled due to coronavirus (as with everything else fun), this year’s event will take place virtually and feature a variety of panel discussions, keynote speakers, musicians, and films.

Save the date! March 16-20th

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RePack is lucky enough to have an online booth in the Creative Industries Exhibition section of the event as part of a Business Finland initiative to highlight sustainable Finnish companies in the United States. The Creative Industries Exhibition features innovative companies and organizations from around the world and provides a platform to connect with industry professionals.

In other areas of the event, keynote and conference topics include titles such as Immersive Retail: Connected Shopping in a New Era, Building Equity In Startup Communities, and Music-Powered Community Sustainability Activism, and many other talks covering sustainability, climate change, social justice, and business development. Not a reuse, e-commerce, or sustainability nerd like us? Try a talk on extraterrestrial life, the cannabis industry, or even investment opportunities in space.


Save the date! March 16-20th


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