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Look Mom, I'm on (French) TV!

Last month, the Repack team was in the middle of the woods for a retreat when we heard we were on TV! Woohoo!

The TV Channel France 2 aired a story on Hopaal and Repack in the program Tout Compte Fait.    See for yourself :) 


Hopaal ?

Mathieu Couacault and Clément Maulavé are the co-founders of Hopaal,  a super cool brand with a proper mission: to replace fast fashion with careful, useful, local and reasoned fashion. They design and sell clothes made from recycled materials. The support they received all over France is awesome, but there's no secret, they truly deserve it.

One part of their action to reduce their impact is to reuse their packaging (hello it's us). It makes them our best French ambassador right now! 

Afterwards, we received a lot of e-mails from companies interested in Repack, especially from France (bonjour bonjour).

Yes, it was a very nice feeling, but it also made us realise we needed to explain more the impact of RePack! A bunch of you guys seemed concerned about the return in Estonia.

Rest assured. 

The impact of transportation is of course considered in the impact curve above.

Calculations: A RePack size M package is compared to a plastic package and a medium sized cardboard package. For these 3 packages, the analysis of CO2 emissions is as follows:

           1. Manufacturing: what is the energy cost required to manufacture it?
           2. Usage: single-use or reusable packaging.
           3. End of life: energy impact of treatment at the end of life.

A RePack is at least used 20 times before having to be recycled. In contrast, single-use packaging is, for each use: manufactured, used, discarded and recycled. The analysis highlights 20 life cycles of the 3 packages.

It seems important to emphasize that the life of a cardboard packaging does not end in your trash. It too is sent to a center where he will be recycled, crushed or cremated according to his condition.

See for yourself and check our complete study! 

And remember, you also have your part to play in this #reuserevolution. The more Repack is known and used, the more we can scale and expand our return points! Let's get #Repacking <3