RePack has now been around Europe for more than 4 years, convincing 100+ eCommerce brands to go trash-free by ditching single-use packaging for our unique reusable and returnable RePacks! Time to expand and to cross the Atlantic. The summer of 2019, we partnered with a handful of pioneers American brands to pilot our service, and it's been really successful. This summer, it's the official big loud launch for the US! And Canada, fear not, we won't leave you behind, we actually finalised an agreement with Canada Post. Stay tuned.



RePack in a nutshell

RePacks are reusable and returnable shipping envelopes that replace single-use poly bags, paper mailer envelopes and cardboard boxes, or any single-use mailers used for non-fragile items! The beauty of it, is that by reducing companies'  packaging cost, it also lower carbon emissions by up to 80%, and divert waste by 96% compared to traditional single-use packaging.

Shipping in a RePack has also proven to upgrade the customer experience and amaze the end-users (finally a solution to all that single-use packaging waste!)



How RePack Works

RePack comes from Finland, where citizens bring back all cans & bottles to the stores like in the good old days of the milkman. Why couldn't it be applied to online shopping?! We created an entirely new packaging lending and reuse service model where we remove the cost and burden of owning packaging from the business, and significantly reduce environmental impact. 

In the US, the system will stay fairly the same as in Europe: 


  • You simply swap out your old single-use packaging for RePack and fulfill orders as you have been doing.
  • Your customers receive a notification that their order is being shipped in RePack reusable packaging, an explanation of the sustainability impact for their choice, and simple return instructions.
  • If the end-users have product to return they use the RePack. If they have nothing to return, they fold the packaging (instruction are printed on the RePacks) and use the already affixed empty return label to mail them back to us.
  • We clean, sanitise and inspect, then re-circulate. 

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Cleaning and Security

Shipping products in RePacks is as easy as swapping out single-use packaging for our easy-load reusable shipping envelopes. Each envelope has a security feature indicating breach-of-pack.
What about hygiene? This topic is, more than ever, a priority. At RePack, we take health safety very seriously, and this is why we clean, sanitise and inspect each RePack between cycles. So that you can use RePack packages with a clear mind


An immediate and impactful solution

There's a growing (and positive!) trend today, where people demand to be able to shop sustainably. People want transparency and to consume ethical and environmentally durable products. RePack answers this call exactly. When a person receives their order in a RePack and understand that this they have a reusable & returnable packaging in their hands, they have this "Ah ha!!" moment. We've approached them and asked them directly their impression when they got their order, and the results are just crystal clear. It links them with the brand even deeper, bring them from a "like" to a "love" level and improves the brand value. 

Check out the reviews from our first pilot in North America last summer: 

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