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Let's have a trash-free Christmas.

Christmas is coming. Don't lie to yourself, you love it deep down. However I know it also comes with the guilt of overwrapping, overbuying, overeverything. It does not have to be that way though! I made you a sustainable wishlist for a true trashfree and guiltfree Christmas. All available in Repack. You're welcome!

head toe board

They say that you are what you wear. I guess you don't identify yourself as low-quality and unsustainable? That's what I thought.

I gathered a few items only made from sustainable and long-lasting materials. Clothes you can wear proudly and that have a story to tell. 

To be honest, it was really hard to choose fashion items from all of the Repack using stores. You should really see for yourself! I'm serious there, it's a gold mine.

Leather bags look so good when they've been used, right? Don't buy a new bag with a old looking finish, that's not cool. Look at this pre-loved leather bag from Omybag, it's beautiful and it's a smart choice. 
You prefer a new product? What about something from Globe Hope like this red bag made from upcycled materials? A car is a bit extra for Christmas but a few seat belts will do. 

Tops? A sailor T-shirt from organic cotton, a wasp one from Pure Waste (literally), a shirt from Hopaal made from 100% organic and recycled cotton. Or a sweater from Reetaus made from recycled denim? And to show off your clothes, walk with Makia's natural rubber boots.

Like a cherry on the cake, a VAI-KO's beanie in certified merino wool that you can get from Nudge.

Lasting board-1


Enough already with the useless Christmas crap no one wants. People you love deserve things they could actually use & enjoy. 

It's winter, it's cold and dark. Give them a proper hat. Or a candle so they don't forget about warm stuffs like the sun.

They want to stay in bed? Fine, but they still deserve to hide in the most sustainable sheets in the world. Or if they can read get them a useful book.  

They decided to leave the house? Good for them! Make them ditch the ugly plastic razors for a good looking one that will last. And a reusable water bottle! And a nice cosmetic bag in organic cotton while we're at it. Two hands are not enough to carry that all? Well that's what a backpack is for isn't it? Get this one from Scandinavian Outdoor.

Board 1 - Rent

Sorry guys, what's coming is mainly for women fashion. So this year there's Christmas Eve, New Year and this work event. You could also use last year's dress three times, but yes I know you don't want to. 


What if you wear someone else's dress instead? Think about it. It's a great option! For your budget, your closet but also for the planet. You can even choose Repack using stores for that!

Since I'm nice, I made you a cool selection. You can just pick yourself now. 
At Ganni Repeat you can get the Ganni Sequin Mesh Blouse, the Ganni Broderie Anglaise Blouse, the Ganni Sequin Mini Dress and the Ganni Leather Handbag

And from HURR Collective, go and rent the Chanel Handbag, the Gucci Silk Twil or the Elisabetta Franchi Shoes. 


Having a more sustainable Christmas does not mean kids will only get an orange this year. There's other options and they're not lame. Available in a Repack of course!

Bever has a really nice kids backpack, where you can add a Stainless bottle from Weekendbee that will never get destroyed.

From Nudge you can get awesome color pencils that you can actually plant, or even nice heart shaped earrings

Sweet red t-shirt from the finnish Makia, Red and blue dress or the dotted shirt from the Extra Smile, getting dressed can also be trash-free.

And let's not forget Ozbaby, that has so many toys like these soft animal toys playing music that I want to order for myself.


And to go out on a high note, remember to order in a Repack. Why?

- It's trash-free

- You don't need to worry about gift-wrapping ;)

- You actually get a reward when sending the Repack back home. 


"Nia-nia-nia, being sustainable is hard" -  Repeat that again?