Repack signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.

Repack is a signatory of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.

The question is not whether a world without plastic pollution is possible, but what we will do together to create it. That’s why we have signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.

The commitment calls on companies and governments to eliminate the plastic we don't need, to innovate so that all plastic we do need is 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable, and to circulate all the plastic we use.

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Read the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment progress report 2019 to learn more about what we, and others around the world, are doing to make it a reality.

Promising early progress
This report provides an unprecedented level of transparency on how almost 200 businesses and governments are changing their plastic production and use to achieve this. 
Analysis carried out for the report shows that on average around 60% of business signatories’ plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable today. Through the Global Commitment they have committed to make this 100% by 2025.

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More elimination and reuse needed

To tackle plastic waste and pollution we must move beyond recycling and the elimination of only the most commonly identified problematic packaging. Through innovation, product and supply chain redesign, and new reuse business models, companies can reduce their plastic packaging use, while unlocking new economic opportunities.

What did we sign exactly?
At the heart of the Global Commitment is a vision of a circular economy for plastic, where plastics never become waste. Each signatory formally endorses the vision and the need to work towards achieving it.

It is defined by six key points:

  • Elimination of problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging through redesign, innovation, and new delivery models is a priority.

  • Reuse models are applied where relevant, reducing the need for single-use packaging

  • All plastic packaging is 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

  • All plastic packaging is reused, recycled, or composted in practice.

  • The use of plastic is fully decoupled from the consumption of finite resources.

  • All plastic packaging is free of hazardous chemicals, and the health, safety, and rights of all people involved are respected.

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